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What we do

We develop creative and unique recreational programs that are designed to positively impact young people in at-risk communities. The programs provided all serve as a catalyst that promotes academic achievement, personal development, community awareness, valuing diversity and developing the social skills that are required to build and maintain positive relationships.


Community Partnerships

We partner with like-minded organizations that share the same level of passion and responsibility for serving the less fortunate. We have establised a strong presence in the Austin and Bellwood communities and are always looking to grow and expand our reach.


How to help

YOU can help by sharing YOUR Time, YOUR Talents and YOUR Treasures! We are currently looking for more volunteers to support some of our upcoming initiatives. We are also looking for more individual and corporate sponsors to help fund these initiatives. We believe we can reach many more with more support!

"War On Hunger"

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, Divinely Orchestrated offers the “Community Kitchen” at The Genesis on the Ave located 5811 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60651. Through this effort, we have been afforded the opportunity to feed more than 300 men, women and children who would have otherwise been subject to the pain and ailment of hunger. Because we realize the need this kitchen fulfills, we want to expand our offering and with that, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Ask us how!

"The Place Where Destiny and Purpose Are Realized"

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